The Bristol China Partnership

Bristol China Partnership

The Bristol China Partnership (BCP) works unstintingly to connect the people of Bristol and the South West of England with the people of China and in particular Bristol's Sister City Guangzhou in Southern China to encourage greater mutual understanding between our two countries.

BCP collaborates with organisations in China and the UK such as Municipal Governments and City Councils and other organisations that work internationally for trade, knowledge, culture, leisure and services.

  • has a high level of engagement with the Guangzhou Municipal Government
  • is recognised by the Chinese Embassy
  • can offer support in understanding the people, culture and language
  • is co-ordinating regular exchanges of information and dialogue with a range of organisations in China
  • is offering a programme of events to help inform and advise our members on China initiatives
  • has strong links with business and tourism organisations that will help to drive the economic growth between Bristol & the South West of England and China
  • is proudly supporting the UK Chinese Students and Scholars Association and working with China's next generation of budding entrepreneurs.

Welcome to a growing network of people with an interest in China and to join us view our membership packages and the support we can offer you.

The Bristol China Partnership (BCP)

The Bristol China Partnership (BCP) was created in 1998 when members of the Bristol City Council and Bristol's corporate businesses agreed that there was much to be gained by developing a strong and lasting partnership with China. BCP facilitated the signing in 2001 of the Sister City agreement which supports greater cooperation between the people of China especially in te city of Guangzhou and the City and County of Bristol.

The BCP which is a not-for-profit organisation has in 2013 become a company limited by guarantee to position it to be 'The Principal link between Bristol and the South West of England and China' and to develop greater and broader links to enable the region to fully engage with the China agenda.

BCP works closely with Government departments, organisations and businesses in Guangzhou, across China and the South West of England in areas of shared interest such as trade and economy, environment and technology, education and cultural exchange.

BCP continues to welcome new members from across the City and South West region. Our Directors and members are willing to offer support and share their expertise on matters relating to China.

If you have a desire to know more about about the BCP and join a growing network of people and organisations who have an interest in China or to meet any of the Officers please contact us by emailing

Our Aims

To RECOGNISE that a global dimension is essential to the development of the cultural and economic mission of Bristol and the South West Region and is central to business success

To ASPIRE to create successful collaborations in an increasingly global environment between businesses, educational institutions and the community

To be COMMITTED to developing global citizens who are confident and sensitive to the needs and perspectives of others and have a mutual understanding of UK - China and UK - Chinese culture

To ENGAGE with international partners to gain from their experience overseas and use this to develop our own and our partners distinctive strengths

Welcome to the BCP team who all hold or have held high level professional roles in corporate life. We are all dedicated to helping you and your organisation understand more about China and to develop long lasting relationships. We are willing to share our expertise with our members. Learn more about each of the Directors by hovering over their picture or name.

President of BCP

The Right Honourable The Lord Mayor of Bristol,
Councillor Faruk Choudhury

Secretary-General of Guangzhou

Mr Wan Qingliang

Co-Founder and Honourary Chairman Honourary Citizen of Gangzhou

Kam Wong

Mayor of Guangzhou

Mayor Chen Jianhua

Hon Chairman & Co-Founder

Wallace Kwong

Chief Executive Officer Dianne Francombe MA

Company Secretary

Paul Hardman

Director of Business Initiatives

Richard Lowe

Director of China Affairs

Wang Lei

Director of Culture & Community Initiatives

Tony Prescott

General Secretary

Lucy Tilney

Director of Finance

Eric Dolling

Director of PR & Marketing

Martin Powell

Director of Education

Shimin Rong